A while back, I wrote a post featuring gardening tools designed to simplify gardening for individuals of all abilities. Now that the weather is so bright and warm, I just felt the need to explore the world of accessible gardening again!  Unlike my previous post, which solely discussed tools to simplify gardening, this post will go into further detail on how to make your actual garden more accessible!

There are several ways to make gardens more accessible.  For example, there are container gardens as well as elevated garden beds. When researching accessible gardens, the first item to pop up was Accessible Gardens, a site dedicated to making gardening easier for everyone!

“Our Mission…is to enable every individual with a physical disability or limitation to enjoy the mental, physical, social and spiritual benefits of gardening.”

The founder of Accessible Gardens™, Raymond LaRocque, stated: “I could no longer reach down to my garden so I brought the garden up to me!”  The website offers several different styles of raised gardens. The traditional raised garden bed is often contained within a walled perimeter built on ground level. The Accessible Gardens™ raised garden bed is “elevated to table height, with ample clearance for wheelchairs or walkers. It puts the entire garden within arm’s reach with no kneeling or bending required.” If you want ideas on how to create your own raised garden, this site is for you!

Click here for more information or to request pricing for Accessible Gardens™.

Written by Laura Medcalf