ADA-Compliant “Forward-Facing Wheelchair” Garden

Initially designed for schools, our new and exclusive, ADA-Compliant “forward facing wheelchair” gardens were developed in concert with the Supervising Architect for the State of California Education Department. It is the first and only raised garden bed that is fully ADA compliant for adults or children in a wheelchair. It provides easy accessibility to the garden bed in the most comfortable, forward-facing position.

These special garden designs are also approximately 48” x 45” and 24” to 30” high and available in redwood or cedar. They, too, feature our patented Grow/Drainage Tray, which manages the moisture levels and promotes greater plant growth by capturing excess water and funneling it into any container placed in a sturdy, built-in catch basin platform. They are available as permanent Outdoor Gardens, or, with the addition of wheels and a catch basin platform, they become Rolling Indoor/Outdoor Gardens.

Midway Elementary School, Utah