Garden Beds For Every Person & Every Purpose

Preferred by OT & PT specialists, Educators, and Landscape Architects, alike, Accessible Gardens’ sturdy, versatile, table-height garden beds add function, quality and beauty to any rehab, teaching or social setting. They provide ample clearance for wheelchairs or walkers to put an entire garden within one’s reach, while eliminating the need to kneel or bend.

Enhance your Resident Activities Program or Student Curriculum

  • Distinguish your programs, increase engagement, and enhance results
  • Expand gardening as an activity for all, not just a few
  • Transform limited or unsuitable space into engaging, productive garden space

Limitless Modular Arrangements

Arrange our modular outdoor 48″ x 32″ raised bed units and trellis options in countless ways to meet your individual needs and site requirements.

Premium, Rot-Resistant Wood Species

Choice of Fir, Redwood or Cedar. Other preferred or exotic woods also available on custom orders.

Variety of Styles and Options

ADA-Compliant Beds, Indoor/Outdoor Rolling Beds, and Traditional Beds. Optional Trellis and Tool & Storage Box available.

Simple Assembly & Quality Materials

Our beds arrive flat-packed and assemble easily with simple hand tools. Stainless Steel Hardware. Patented Drainage Beds

Our Products

ADA-Compliant Forward-Facing
Wheelchair Garden

Accessible Gardens is proud to offer the first truly ADA-Compliant Garden designed to accommodate forward-facing wheelchair access and meet the needs of forward-thinking school systems. Transform your school gardening program to include all students.

Traditional Indoor/Outdoor Rolling Garden

Garden year-round! Plant in spring and enjoy the blooms and harvest all summer long. Then, roll it indoors under natural or artificial light, and garden throughout the winter months.

Traditional Outdoor Gardens

Our classic design, it also comes with our patented drainage system. Affordable priced, it meets a variety of needs as a stand-alone feature or a group arranged in an imaginative configuration.

Quality Crafted and Precision Engineered

Accessible Gardens™ are unique among raised garden designs and the finest of their kind – quality crafted and precision engineered. Each is ADA-compliant and designed to make gardening easier and safe for everyone, whether standing or in a wheelchair.

Our sturdy and versatile, table-height raised gardens are crafted by Master Woodworkers. Additionally, they have been certified by a State Structural Engineer to guarantee that they will withstand the heavy weight expected from wet soil and plants.

Our garden beds are available in several beautiful wood species, including fir, redwood and cedar. Custom woods, such as mahogany, are also available on request. They are all meticulously constructed of high-quality, long-lasting, heavy-duty lumber stock. To prevent rust, we use only stainless steel or ceramic-coated screw and bolt fasteners. For added convenience and to expand your range of plantings, we also offer several complimentary accessories, such as trellises, tool storage boxes, worktables, and indoor lighting systems.

All of our gardens facilitate the cultivation of a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers. Suggested garden plans and recommendations for proper spacing of the most popular plantings are available on the FAQ page. You can also arrange our modular outdoor raised garden bed units in countless configurations to meet your individual needs and site requirements.

Limitless Possibilities

Arrange our modular outdoor 48″ x 32″ raised bed units and trellis options in countless configurations to meet your individual needs and site requirements.