Troop 36 Life Scout, Paul Cessna, is planning an Eagle Scout Project, which will benefit the Life Skills students of Bellville Junior High School.

The Eagle Scout Project consists of installing handicapped accessible vegetable gardens and flower beds benefiting the current and future Life Skills students attending BJHS. The Life Skills students are those who are wheelchair-bound or have other disabilities. These beds will be useful in teaching the students gardening and cooking skills by enabling them to plant and maintain the gardens and to cook the harvested produce. The garden will also provide a pleasant outdoor environment in which to learn.

The gardens will be installed in an area at the Junior High already designated for the Life Skills students. The beds will be constructed:
• In compliance with ADA specifications.
• Of naturally rot-resistant red cedar with a life span of greater than 20 yrs.
• Using a specially designed water drainage system.
• Using appropriate irrigation.
• Using red cedar trellises for climbing plants.

A mixture of garden soil and compost will be added to the beds, along with vegetable plants and flowers appropriate for summer planting. The area surrounding the beds will be covered with granite gravel enclosed by metal edging. The granite gravel will accommodate the movement of wheelchairs.

If funds permit, Paul will also install a handicapped accessible picnic table, and a small greenhouse that can be used not only by the Life Skills students, but also by the science teachers to teach plant biology.

The project is set to begin the second week in July, 2013, and set to finish by the start of school in August. Paul will be assisted by other Scouts in Troop 36, along with Scoutmaster Mr. Kenneth Thuesen, Assistant Scoutmaster Mr. Allen Kutch, and his parents, David and Leah Cessna. The project coach is BJHS Science teacher and landscape designer, Mrs. Jane Ponder.

The community is invited to join Paul and his fellow Scouts for a fundraising pancake and sausage breakfast at First Baptist Church in Bellville on Saturday, April 27. At this breakfast, the blue prints and specifications of Paul’s design will be available for review, and he will be able to answer any questions you may have.

The cost of this breakfast is a free-will offering and 100% of your donation will be used specifically for this Eagle Scout project. Should there be funds raised in excess of the amount needed to complete the project, the excess will be presented as a donation from the community to Mrs. Natalie Jones, principal of BJHS, for use by the Life Skills teacher for any needs to assist these special students.

Questions or comments, email Paul at: or call 979-992-2845.

Bellville Junior High School
1305 S Tesch Street
Bellville, TX 77418


Andrew and volunteer scouts participate in their Accessible Gardens build.


Honored Eagle Scout, Andrew Lukas